Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last night before the midwives meeting

I arrived home tonight from a visit to my Mother-in-Law to find several more midwives signed up with second life and ready to participate in our meeting tomorrow night. Very exciting! Some of my colleagues from Otago Polytechnic and the "facilitating online learning communities course' that Sarah and I are completing are also going to join us. One of these is a colleague from Occupational therapy at Otago Polytechnic who has been a leader in blogging for this profession and has developed quite a community of OT bloggers. My mentor in second-life, Arwenna, who has helped me with setting up my presentation and other aspects of second life, will also be there helping me out, thank goodness. I hope she, and some of the others with more skills in second-life than myself, will be able to help answer some of your questions.

The meeting is tomorrow night at 2100hrs -NZ time 0800hrs-UK time 0300hrs-Montreal, 0100-Edmonton, Midnight-Vancouver. Midnight-secondlife

Hope this is helpful, here are the other word times for this meeting.

When people arrive I will teleport them to the location for the meeting. There will be some displays with one or two helpful 'how to's' to help get you started communicating. I will ask everyone to give brief introduction about their professional background and interest in Second-life. I have a small presentation prepared to introduce some of the possibilities I have discovered in Second-life and where my interest arises. I will then open the floor to everyone to discuss their thoughts about this medium and how it might be used for the benefit of the midwifery profession and midwifery education. I am hoping we can get people communicating in voice however if this is too difficult we will revert to text communication. When communicating in voice online it is important to watch for the signal above an avatars head, indicating that they are speaking. Trying to have one person speaking at a time is important. We will need to discuss these ground rules before we all start trying to communicate. Participants will be able to also communicate by text even if we are communicating with voice. Thankfully Sarah will be there to help me too. Hopefully between the two of us and with Arwenna's help we will be able to keep ahead and eye on communication and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak. I also want to try to keep some minutes of the meeting and might be able to delegate this task to one of my friends.

After the meeting if people want to go together to explore another second-life environment we might be able to do this, although it may be a challenge to get everyone moving together. If there is enough interest we may be able to arrange a future meeting before we leave. I also hope to get a photo of all participants if we can manage this.

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