Friday, August 31, 2007

Interactive clinical pharmacology

One of the things I am involved with is midwives prescribing. This is a really neat site to help you understand the principles of how drugs are absorbed, get around the body and are eliminated. Check it out. Click on the name above and you will link to this site.

Finished thesis

Well it is a big day today.
I have finally completed my thesis for my Masters Degree. It is now finally completely complete. I just have to get it to the printer and get it bound etc. The title of my thesis is "Wise Women's Web: Rural midwives communities of practice". I interviewed midwives in focus groups from around the South island of New Zealand and made some interesting discoveries about how midiwives inform practice in a rural setting.

I am now interest in finding tools that might help midwives get together with other midwives to share practice experience. I think the internet might have a role to play for some midwives, although there is nothing like getting together over a cup of tea and having a good old chat. Can the internet ever come close to this type of networking and sharing and if so how? How can online information sharing be a useful and valuable tool and still maintain confidentiality? How can midwives share pracitice experience and seek advice in a learning environment while keeping themselves professionally safe.

These are questions I need to continue to ponder.

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