Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casearean section. Midwives play their part

birth by maria mono
birth, a photo by maria mono on Flickr.

Increasingly babies are being born through an incision in their mothers abdomen. Sometimes this is after the mother has gone into labour but often without labour having been initiated at all. The baby is plucked without prior warning from familiar surroundings and brought into the world. The mother then has to recover from a major abdominal operation. Such surgery requires many weeks if not months of recovery. Why is it that this proceedure is increasingly required to bring babies into the world? On the 9th of February midwives in Otago are coming together to consider this issue to explore what is that we do that can might set women on this path. We are also looking at what we can do that can support women to avoid unnecessary caesarean section.
If you want more information about this call me through the 0800 Otago Polytechnic number and i will give you the phone number for registrations.

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