Monday, February 15, 2010

Wiki for midwifery education.

Some time ago, way back in 2007 I did a course called facilitating online learning communities through Otago Polytechnic and Manakau Institute of Technology. I became very interested in open access education and making resources available for those who have an interest to study. I started this blog at that time and, for a while, was an enthusiastic contributor to online discussion fora etc. Laterly I have been very involved with developing a new programme through Otago Polytechnic for undergraduate midwifery education and have not been very active at all online discussions or posting on this blog. It all just takes too much time.
However I did start a repository for material that I felt could be useful for midwifery education. I commenced a wiki in wikieducator to store this material and to make it accessible to any who wishes to use it. I have tinkered with this wiki from time to time and it has grown over time.
I am aware that this wiki does not get much exposure. I know this blog is rarely frequented also but, in an effort to raise the profile of this wiki I am posting here. Any midwives, or midwifery educators who wish to add content to the wiki are welcome to do so.
Go and have a look and see what you think, follow this link.

Wise womens' web: rural midwives communties of practice

I have just realised how to post a document in google docs as an open document on the web and have loaded up my thesis.
So if you are ready to be bored here it is

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