Thursday, March 6, 2008

Next meeting in Second life.

See the second life midwives wiki for information about future meetings etc.

The time is fast approaching for our next meeting in second life. It has been pointed out to me that although it is Sunday morning here and Sunday evening in the UK it will actually still be Saturday in North America so something for you to remember.

Times are Date: Sunday 9th March in New Zealand

Time: 09.30am NZ, 3.30pm New York, 8.30pm London, 0530 am Perth (sorry :)), 0730 am Sydney, 12.30 pm Vancouver.


Meeting in second life at the Kiwi educators meeting place on Koru Island (Koru 155,122,27 (PG)-Koru)

I had thought about breaking into discussion groups and brainstorming a topic at this meeting but on further reflection would like the group who meet to decide what they want to do. So will leave it very loose at the moment. Arwenna has been preparing lots of possibilities for us.

More information can be found at the Second Life Midwifery group Wiki
Please don't leave until we plan where we go from here, how often we meet etc and also until I have you all signed into the midwives group of second life, if you want to of course.

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