Saturday, March 1, 2008

Final instructions for virtual midwives meeting

Meeting 9pm tonight our time
2100hrs-NZ, 0800hrs-UK, 0300hrs-New York, Midnight-Vancouver, 7pm-Sydney, 5pm-Perth.

Meeting at Koru Island, Kiwi educators meeting place.
Second life coordinates; Koru 155,122,27 (PG)-Koru

When you go online I should see that you are there and will offer to
teleport you to Koru Island, you should accept this invitation. If I do not
see you immediately give me a minute or two, it could take some time
to get everyone sorted. If you are late arriving and I don't notice
you are there can you send me an instant message (IM)? Sarah will be
helping me (Petal Stransky), so she may offer to teleport you also, you can accept either invitation.

If you are having difficulties, you could send me a message either by email or through skype - carolynmcintosh . Both of these will let me know instantly that I have a message.

Hope that all who wish to attend make it, fingers crossed for a successful meeting. It will be interesting to see how this works for us and will be good comparison with Sarah's previous Elluminate meeting and the upcoming Elluminate virtual conference on the 6th of March, see previous email from Soo.

See you tonight on Koru.
Dacary Dumpling (Second life)
carolynmcintosh (skype) (email)

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