Monday, March 3, 2008

Next second life meeting

We need to organise the next second life meeting quite speedily as the weekend fast approaches again. I have not yet documented my full reflection but I am basing this meeting on some feedback from the previous meeting. Someone wanted to see how it would be to explore a topic that we might discuss in real life to compare the quality of the interaction. I would appreciate your thoughts on this and if you feel changes need to be made. I have been thinking more about this and want to talk about what we might do on the day rather than nail it down here now.

Date: Sunday 9th March
Time: 09.30am NZ, 3.30pm New York, 8.30pm London, 0530 am Perth (sorry :)), 0730 am Sydney, 12.30 pm Vancouver.
Here is a link to World times for this meeting
(Please note that this clock was stating Friday 7th this was incorrect, the meeting is Sunday 9th morning as now stated on this time chart. Sorry about this, I have trouble keeping the time and date correct while I paste for some reason)

Meeting in second life on at the Kiwi educators meeting place on Koru Island (Koru 155,122,27 (PG)-Koru)

Theme: Supporting normal, natural childbirth. (Alternatively we could go to the sandbox and play at building things).

All gather at the Koru Island meeting place.
If we have a large group we could break into smaller groups to brainstorm the topic. Have a think about what you would like to do. It would be fine to go and practice building. We will be talking while we do that. Arwenna has a couple of good ideas also. Can you give me suggestions for how long this should last, I think at least 30 minutes perhaps 45 minutes.

Introduce Midwives group. Get contact details for those who wish to give this. Discuss theme, time and place for the next meeting and firm up arrangements before leaving.


catkins_in_nz said...

I think this sounds like a good plan. Meeting again on Koru will be like coming to a pleasant 'safe' known place and hopefully it will be esier to settle in any new visitors too. I think the idea of breaking into 2 or 3 discussion groups would work well too - I can make a number of little meeting spaces available on Koru and can send you Landmarks for them Carolyn. For those feeling adventurous we could have one discussion in the skybox classroom space and then try hang-gliding back to earth at the end! Its fun!

With people familiar with Koru,(and by the way everyone is welcome to visit and have a good wander around, the following week you might want to consider meeting on Koru initially and then going off for a visit to somewhere else in the SL World.
In my experience, people generally feel safer once they know a 'home' space and perhaps we can help the 'homeless' people set their home to Koru at this next meeting.
Looking forward to seeing you all again - Arwenna/Clare

Carolyn said...

This sounds fantastic, thanks Clare.
have posted minutes and transcript on wikieducator, created a midwives in second life wikieducator page.

Carolyn said...

You are right about the home thing Clare. I feel a lot more secure knowing that I have a 'home' on Koru. It is a great place.

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