Monday, March 31, 2008

Calling all midwives interested open access elearning

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Sarah and I are keen to see educational material availble for midwives free of charge through the internet. If you wish to study at your own pace that would be fine. When you feel that you can meet the assessment requirements of the course you would then enrol and only then would pay the fee for the course.

Do you want access to free open access midwifery educational material?

Would this type of resource aid your professional development?

If you are interested tell us why.

What would be the benefits for you?

We need your support to make this happen. If we cannot demostrate a need for this type of resource then it is unlikely to happen. Spread the word, get others to visit this blog or Sarah's blog and tell us why you would like this to happen for you.

We especially need to hear from New Zealand midwives but would like to also hear from midwives around the world who think this would support their professional activites.

I will add a poll to my side bar but please also add your thoughts and comments about this here. We need your help


Carolyn said...

For the last few years I have developed and maintained a midwifery pages on the WikiEducator web pages. I am very keen for others to collaborate with this, particularly anyone who could make the site look more attractive, with pictures etc. I have tried but can't seem to get it right. If you have these skills please go to this link and have a look. You will need to register with WikiEducator before you can edit but that is easy to do.

xlpharmacy said...

Well I think that this is a very good effort, everything related to improve education is always welcome.

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