Saturday, March 8, 2008

Todays midwives meeting in second life

See the second life midwives wiki for information about future meetings in second life.

We had our second meeting of midwives in second life today. I was great to meet up with three midwives from the North American continent and one from Australia. Thank you to you all for coming and also once again to Arwenna for helping us all out and to Sarah for also coming along and supporting.

I would love to add audio to this slide show but do not have time at the moment.

We struggled at the start of the meeting to get audio working and gave up in the end just communicating through text. This is quite a challenge with a group and I am doubly glad audio worked for us last week. We also had problems for some with getting connected at all and Sarah crashed out of second life once while I crashed and had to resume four times. Others did not seem to crash. The sexual health area looked very interesting but there were lots of scripts being offered to us all the time. if we had been communicating in voice it may have been OK but trying to communicate in text when lots of other text was appearing all the time was too much really. Arwenna's garden and cave are quite magical places and a real pleasure to see.

On reflection for a group such as ours I think second life does hold tremendous possibilities for collaboration and networking. I think these possibilities are yet to be realised. I would not feel happy at this stage to use second life to meet with students as i do not feel it is reliable enough and would cause some anxiety for students. At this stage I would prefer to use software such as elluminate to have meetings with students. Given the pace of development in second life I believe that the time when it is more suitable for meeting with students is probably not far away. I therefore am happy to continue developing my skills in this environment.

It was disappointing that none of the others from last week made it. Understandable though given our busy lives. I have not organised a further meeting at this stage and will wait and see if there is support for this. I will go online on Sunday Mornings around 0900hrs NZ time 1200hrs Saturday Second life time as often as I can at Koru Island Kiwi educators sandbox, (Koru 161, 212, 34 PG - Koru Sandbox). I can then practice building while I am waiting. If anyone turns up I will be happy to see them. I will wait for a little while before logging off. I am not around every weekend however as I often have midwifery locum work in the weekends.

See the side bar of this blog or the bottom of the Midwives in Second Life wiki.
both lead to the same survey form. It is simple and easy and should not take long to complete.


catkins_in_nz said...

Hi Carolyn - Thanks for posting and especially for the photos - I didn't get any this week.
I agree with you about bringing students straight in - I talked a little about the use of the SL Core Competencies framework that has been created and I think it is very important that educators feel pretty comfortable with SL before they begin to introduce students to it. I am going to post about this on my blog shortly and will post the link here.
I made a couple of comments on the meeting today too - which is here:
I will try to be around at 9ish NZ time too although I won't always make it - but anyone is also welcome to come along to Kiwi Eds meetings at Sunday 8pm NZ time too or just IM me for help!

Carolyn said...

Thanks again Clare, also for this information.

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