Thursday, February 28, 2008

Virtual midwives meeting this Sunday

Sarah and I are very excited and looking forward to welcoming you all to Koru Island meeting place in second life this Sunday.
Follow this link for world times for the meeting

Hopefully everyone who is interested in this has now downloaded second life onto their computer and has created an avatar for themselves. Email me at with your avatar name and I will then be able to connect with you in second life and transport you to the meeting.

I will be online at least one hour before the meeting preparing and will log anyone that comes on over the weekend into my friends list then. I will be away from home until Sunday afternoon so will not be able to do it before then.

Just in case there are technical difficulties with second life, an alternative online contact option is through Skype. These are contact details for Sarah and myself through Skype

Skype name
Carolyn - carolynmcintosh
Sarah - sarah.m.stewart

See you on Koru Island Sunday 2nd March 9pm NZ time.


Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Carolyn, please can you link to my blog when you mention my name - that way, with any luck, I'll be able to benefit from your glory!! cheers Sarah

Midwifery student tutorial group: Carolyn McIntosh facilitator said...

Sorry Sarah, very rude of me not to do that.

infomidwife said...

Hi Carolyn,
great idea, I have downloaded second life and my name is Kinytya unfortunately I am not available on Sunday Perth time 5pm, I have something else planned, so will have to participate in the next one if you do it. I am still navigating my way round a virtual city, lots of fun. I am keen to see how it all works for you, good luck and have fun.
thanks for the info on RSS feeds I think I have done it.

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