Monday, February 4, 2008

Want to join me in second life

I will now post a series of videos her about second life, what it is about and some 'how to' videos.

This video is a good introduction to second life in education.

If you would like to explore this further here are a couple of helpful videos.

This video tells you how to go about logging on to second life and creating an avatar.

The first avatar I created was the female fox as I did not like most of the other avatars. However I really did not like my fox avatar either. I discovered after entering that it is possible to change your body shape and clothes. I preferred to have a more human shape.

This video steps you through what happens when you first enter second life

If you are interested in joining me you will need to go through this initial process on orientation island. After you have done that I can send you a link to teleport to the place where we will meet.


bronwyn said...

a great list of resources to pepeare people carolyn. you are doing a great job.

bronwyn said...

forgot to tick the email box. this time.

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