Monday, February 18, 2008

Change of day for second life midwives meeting.

Change of day for second life meeting from Saturday to Sunday.

I have had feedback from a couple of people that Saturday night for us. Saturday morning UK is not going to suit. I need to change the meeting to Sunday night for us Sunday morning for the UK. I will keep the time at the same time.

New Time
Sunday 2nd of March
United Kingdom -- 0800hrs
Perth WA -- 1700hrs
Brisbane -- 1800hrs
Sydney -- 1900hrs
New Zealand -- 2100hrs

This is the world times with the new time fixed in

world times for this meeting

Sorry for this change and hope that this is Ok with all or most of you.

I do hope you are able to join us. I have a small core of people who have supplied me with their avatar name. I would like to have a few more who might be able to attend. If you would like to talk with someone while you go through the process of entering second life and creating an avatar then please connect with either me or Sarah through Skype or Google talk

Skype name
Sarah - sarah.m.stewart
Carolyn -carolynmcintosh

Google talk uses my google mail
Carolyn -
Sarah -

Sarah also has a Twitter account
Sarah - SarahStewart

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Sarah Stewart said...

Sounds good to me

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