Friday, February 22, 2008

Exploring second life for education

I have been looking at Second life in preparation for a meeting of midwives. I have been struggling to find good places to go to. When I search in second life I only seem to come up with some very 'dodgy' sites, not the sort of places i really want to hang around in.

I finally did a web search for slurl (which is second life urls) and found a really good wiki with lots of interesting places to explore. I also went to Leicester Universities Media Zoo. Which was very interesting.

This is a slide share of my experience


Sarah Stewart said...

Just had a quick look - what a fab slideshow!

E_Rothschild said...

Carolyn, two people running projects in SL who might be helpful to you in setting up a secure meeting place would be Avalon Birke, an academic clinical psychologist with an in-world practice on a private sim (with conference facilities), and Gentle Heron of the Heron Project, who works with disabled folks to help them learn SL as a social outlet and networking venue. Or buzz me, I'm an ICU nurse in the States. Although I tend to avoid professional material in-world, (I tend to sit chatting in virtual coffee shops with friends and virtual cats) I can help steer you a little if you like. Eveline Nixdorf.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for this information Eveline. I have a venue for this meeting. However when we meet we will discuss where we might like to go in the future. These look like good options and interesting people and places. I will contact you as soon as I am able.
Thanks for your offer of help and interest. Second life people seem to be so helpful and supportive.

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