Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is the good evidence for midwifery practice?

With such an overwhelming amount of information available on matters to do with pregnancy and childbirth how do midwives and midwifery students make sense of the often conflicting information they may find. A Student guide to the medical literature is a very good guide to accessing evaluating and utilising evidence for practice. I found this link in Helge Sherlund's blog.

Sarah Stewart discussed the value of blogs in her posting on the academic credibility of social networking. I believe that blogs may provide an opportunity for those with an interest in a particular topic to present evidence they have found to support their perspective. Whether or not this can be considered as a reliable source depends very much on the credibility of the blogger and the evidence that has been presented. Those seeking to use this as evidence have a responsibility to verify the sources presented and critique their suitability.

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