Saturday, January 26, 2008

Enhancing student learning in second life

I found this youtube video of a medical scenario where students were being instructed in the procedures to be followed. This is something that I think has a potential for midwifery also. I can think of many situations, such as antepartum or postpartum haemorrhage, shoulder dystocia or breech birth, that could possibly be simulated in a virtual environment. Even just a simulated routine meeting between a woman and her midwife would be a useful learning tool. Students could make decisions about the course of action to be taken. In this video the students are being instructed, I believe the value of this virtual learning environment is for the students to make decisions themselves and then evaluate if they took the correct course of action in the corcumstances.

This seems to be achieved more in the next video where high school students are practicing a CPR scenario. In both of these videos there is actual talking which I am not sure is possible in Linden labs Second Life at present. Perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong there.

Here is a wee article form the Sydney Morning Herald about some of the possibilities for web 2.0 technologies in education.

I really enjoyed reading this post from E learning Weekly about different ways to set up e'learning courses to add interest for students. Food for thought!

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