Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pushing up daisies in second life

Last night I was in email contact with on online friend/mentor/colleague expressing my frustration and not having a home. She (Arwena Stardust) then helped me to set my home to Koru Island, the Kiwi educators second life island. I am so pleased I finally feel I belong somewhere. Also if I do get into a tricky situation in second life it is much easier to run away if your have a home to run to.

After getting me sorted with my new home Arwena taught me how to start building things in second life. This is not something I had anticipated doing. I thought I would leave this up to others with more skill. Very quickly though she had me pushing up daisies. I made a box, flattened it and added a texture of daises. This is the basis of how things are created in second life. So maybe I will have a bit of a play and see what else I can create.

Image: Daisy from Bigtallguy's photos on


Sarah Stewart said...

Just a quick note to thank you very much for supporting me on my blog - I really appreciate it, Carlyn

Sitting in Silence said...

Glad you have found a place that you feel like you belong...

I read a great book once called 12 months by the sea.

Its a true story where a woman packs up her mundane life and heads for the sea. She mets a woman who turns out to be (Erick Ericksons wife), who teaches her that life is like a weave. Smooth on the outside with a few rough edges.

She learned so much about herself...I can find out the authors name for you if you are a reader...

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