Friday, January 18, 2008

Breasts and breast feeding

I have followed another link from the German blog mentioned below and found this website "Hathor the cow goddess". this site addresses issues of breastfeeding. I have been thinking about initiating a discussion here about breast feeding for a while now.

This blog raises some interesting questions about societies attitudes to breasts and breast feeding. Why is it OK to have sexually explicit images of women's breasts in newspapers, magazines and on television and yet people complain when a woman wants feed and nurture her baby in a public place? Could we have a discussion here about this issue?
I think it is not just an issue for the women who want to feed their baby wherever, it is also an issue for those women who feel so uncomfortable with this that they will not feed a baby in public. Some women do not breastfeed at all because of body image.

Should have added the breast feeding poster comes from the womens health action web site. It is the image used for breast feeding week 2002. (is it really that long ago), and features Lucy Lawless who played Zena Warrior Princess.


Sarah Stewart said...

I love this photo used to publicize breastfeeding in New Zealand a couple of years, of Lucy Lawless (Zena, warrior princess) but I always worry about her posture, perched on the end of that chair!

Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon on the hathor cow goddess page Carolyn - good find!
Re Zena's pose - I actually like it (tho my back aches a little looking at it)to me it suggests this woman is busy (as we are, usually) and she has taken a moment to perch there and deal with the breastfeeding on her way to do whatever she was on her way to doing when her baby demanded fed. I think it captures the reality of demand feeding. And lets face it - it will be very busy being a warrior princess!
I love that the warrior princess was chosen for this shoot - (altho she is not really here in her character) cos it makes me think about modern women working and breastfeeding - we are warriors.
There are some other features in this picture which you can't quite see or pick up here. her breast has visible blue veins - which is nice and realistic for a lactating breast. Another interesting thing is that she is wearing fishnet stockings and high heel shoes - I think it says - yeah i'm still sexy - but i'm in charge of that and unless that is part of myself I'm offering to you - it is not accessible to you. It's a boundary thing.
Her body sort of looks like it is ready to zip off and do something else - but her heart and her mind are completely focussed on her baby.

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