Thursday, January 31, 2008

Managing my online life in igoogle

On the right is my igoogle home page. On this page I have some online newspapers and my gmail account feeding in. My gmail is automatically loaded and shows here as soon as an email is received.

Above is my midwifery page. I access this by clicking on the second tab (see arrow). It has midwifery blogs, including my own and Sarah Stewart's feeding into it. I have also performed a google blog search for words such as midwifery, midwives and childbirth. Items which are posted with these words also feed in to specific widgets on this page.

Here is my elearning page. Again accessed through a tab at the top of page. Here items which are posted on elearning are updated.

Finally his is my last igoogle page. It is on facilitating learning communites. I have done a google blog search for these terms and created widgets which update whenever items are posted on these topics.

I can create more pages if I wish and if I think of more areas I would like to cover. All of the photos here were taken by me with jing and transferred to flickr then onto my hard drive. I did this to make the file size manageable.

Just adding one more picture. this is a close up of the tabs section of my igoogle page.This is the second page, my midwifery page.


Sarah Stewart said...

Have post-I haven't quite got my head around Jing yet.

Carolyn said...

It was a bit tricky but i think I have worked it out, well the basics anyway.

Carolyn said...

I think it is a lot better than screen hunter and cam studio. you can do still shots or video. The only problem is that the file size is big. I am not too good and shrinking things down yet, seems a bit complicated.

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