Saturday, October 27, 2007

Structure of the midwifery service in New Zealand

When I have checked my statistics (see bottom of this page) I seem to have a few overseas visitors to my blog. I decided it might be good idea to post a diagram of my interpretation of the structure of midwifery services in New Zealand [see above]. I created this file in Gliffy. this is the first thing I have created in Gliffy, so it may look a little rough around the edges.

Now a small explanation of this diagram. I have also made an audio recording explaining the diagram [see above]

The Ministry of Health contract the Midwifery Council to regulate and oversee the midwifery profession in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health also contract District Health Boards to provide facility services for maternity care.

District Health Boards manage and disburse government funds to facilities which provide secondary, primary and rural maternity services to the public. These facilities employ midwives to provide core midwifery services (i.e. staff the facilities) and to provide lead maternity care (i.e. one on one or small team care to women throughout pregnancy birth and postnatal).

Midwives may also be self employed and be paid directly from the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health either pay these fees directly to the midwives or pay through a body contracted by the midwives to handle these payment (e.g. New Zealand College of Midwives [NZCOM] do this through the MMPO a subsidiary of NZCOM)

NZCOM is the professional organisation of midwives in New Zealand. It looks after the interests of midwives and the midwifery profession. NZCOM have developed standards of excellence for midwifery practice and consensus statements around aspects of maternity care, in consultation with the profession. They are subcontracted by the Midwifery council of New Zealand to provide the Standards Review Process which is a peer review process midwives must engage with as part of the recertification process.


Sarah Stewart said...

You've done it again!! You've stolen my glory!! What can I do next to outshine you!?!

Seriously, did you use the stats software I told you about? If not, what software did you use? I only have a straight counter on my page and would love to get more information than just that. Cheers

Carolyn McIntosh said...

It is the stats counter software you sent me to. There are lots of options there for telling you what country people are from and how long they spend on your page etc. Most don't linger too long but some seem to spend a considerable time here. I am sure you will find you can check out the same stats.

Carolyn McIntosh said...

I would love your feedback on this flow chart diagram Sarah. Or anyone else who stops by. Is it totally confusing or does it make sense. do you think it is an accurate portrayal of the midwifery service in New Zealand. As for outshining you. Well my dear your star shines so brightly I am a long way off doing that.

Midwifemuse said...

When all the organisations are set out like that the system does seem quite convoluted. However, it is really less fragmented than in the UK, apart fom the independant midwide aspect which, as you are probably aware is, with one notable exception, entirely ouside the NHS. Here the 'indies' on the whole work without insurance, not their choice but they find it impossible to obtain cover.

bronwyn said...

the diagram is wonderful! very clear and easy to follow and the colours don't clash.

Sinu Kumar said...

Nice Post

just surfed in thought i'd say hi, interesting information on you've got here. the diagram is wonderful! do keep up the good work.

warm regards from India

Sinu Kumar
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Carolyn McIntosh said...

Thank you for all your kind comments. Especially but not only to my overseas visitors.

Sam said...

Very useful organizational chart, and the explanation was excellent. I am a certified nurse-midwife in the USA, 12 year as experience, seriously considering moving to NZ to live and work for a year. I'd bring my husband and 2 teenage children. Any thoughts? Do you know anyone who has done this? Keep up the fine work.

Best from Tucson, AZ
Sam Cook

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