Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rural midwives wikispace

I did some more work on the rural midwives wikispace last night. It was a bit frustrating working on it as my computer has been misbehaving. I was playing with the widgets option and managed to add my igoogle movie and a survey to this site. I tried to add my GBS slideshare show but couldn't get into the slidshare website. i don't know if this was my computer or theirs. I also managed to arrange the space as a series of pages with a navigation tool down the side. This looks a lot better than one big page. I feel it is probably at a point now where midwives might find it a little interesting and feel they could make some suggestions for content or even start to work on it a little. I might try to make another wee movie to demonstrated how edits can be made and how discussion comments can be left. I just need to get this out into the midwifery community somehow now. I have started inviting one or two people to the site but do not have email addresses for many. Any ideas for getting this out to people?


Kerry44 said...
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Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Carolyn, great work. I hope it works and you get lots of visits and contributors. My article is now out in the NZCOM Journal so I hope that will generate some interest. But as I wrote in my blog, I wish I could re-write that article as it is rather basic.

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