Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another busy week

What a week. The weather has been wild. Yesterday the gales were so strong trucks were blown off the road, causing the road to be closed and making my long trip home a little longer.

I have been away doing some locum midwifery again over last weekend. Staying in my camper van and traveling around some of the most beautiful countryside in the world while doing postnatal visits. My last night I had a transfer to the base hospital which meant I was up most of the night. I am not as resillient as i used to be and I am still feeling the effects of this.

Meanwhile at Polytech we have some japanned midwives visiting which has been very interesting. I am taking them in a minibus to visit the maternity facility in Balclutha tomorrow, so hoping the weather is kind.
Japan Photo Gallery

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Sarah Stewart said...

Have a great day today with the Japanese midwives. Look forward to hearing how the day goes

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