Thursday, October 25, 2007

Further reflections on curatorial teaching and second life

This is in response to a posting by Yvonne. I have to say that reading others reflections on the issues we have been discussing, or the lectures we have had do help me to consider these things further. I initially felt that the idea of the lecturer as a curator, as presented by George Siemens was somewhat distant and detached from the students. As I consider others thoughts on this I am coming to see this as one of the roles that lecturers have. Lecturers need to present interesting material which students can explore further. Providing students with a variety of interesting resources provides them with some direction for individual exploration and consideration. Had there been some resources like this in second life for me to explore during my aimless wanderings the other day I may have had a different impression of the place.

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Yvonne said...

Hi Carolyn

I think these new Web 2.0 tools lend themselves nicely to this 'curator' idea. Teaching secondary age students often requires some variety in delivery in order to keep them interested and I can see some of these tools being helpful in that respect. Grouping activities together in an 'exhibit' could be helpful for a given topic or project - where appropriate.


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