Thursday, September 20, 2007

Working on wiki

I have not done much blogging lately because I have been doing heaps of work on the midwifery wikieducator page. I do feel that I am probably wasting my time here, other than meeting course requirements, as I feel it is very unlikely that any of this will end up in the midwifery program. However I am starting to get a bit more of a feel for this and I am beginning to develop a bit of skill in putting it together. I am still struggling with trying to get images into these pages however and have not been successful in doing this yet. It can end up looking very "wordy" so I am breaking it up into different pages. If anyone has the energy to go and look at this resource and wants to give me any feedback that would be great.

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Sarah Stewart said...

I was going to have a look today but instead have spent most the day reading my historical novel. I finished "The viking who took her' to "The wicked games of a gentleman". Its been really nice not doing any online stuff. I have sent in my mentoring abstract to the rural GP conference so thats one constructive thing I've done today.

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