Sunday, September 23, 2007

thinking about students blogging

I have been thinking about the potential for students blogging since I found the previous mentioned resource, 21 Classes cooperative learning, where it would be possible for students to have their own blogs within a closed group. I have been thinking about how these could be used within the Bachelor of Midwifery program and possibly also for groups of health professionals who wish to be able to communicate in a secure environment.
I wonder if these blogs could be assessed in some way as part of the students course requirements. I wonder if the SOLO taxonomy could be used to assess how the students are using blogs as a tool for personal learning and reflection. I can see how this might be a useful way to look at how students make connections between clinical experience and research evidence and use this to inform their learning and future practice. I would be interested if anyone else has any thoughts about this.

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Sarah Stewart said...

hi carolyn, I have been cruising around students' blogs on the net-you know, there hasn't been a big problem with security as far as I can see. I think we should relax about this as long as we take careful precautions about privacy, consent etc

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