Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playing with open access on the www

I am feeling just a wee bit chuffed at the moment. i have just created a slide share account and have loaded my Group B Streptococcus presentation onto it. so this is now available on the world wide web. How is that? Hope you are all impressed.


Sarah Stewart said...

Alright, you show off!! Now add vocals! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Great Slideshow. I am one of the founders of Groub B Strep International. Does NZ have an organization that promotes awareness of GBS? What about literature for the patients. I am interested to explore what efforts are being extended to eductate patients, and other medical professionals about gbs. One thing that I did notice in the presentation was there lacked mention of Intra-uterine GBS disease. Many babies lost due to mis-carriage or stilbirth, contract GBS while in-utero. Please feel free to comment.
John MacDonald

Father of Hannah, stilborn Feb 03,2003 due to sudden onset group b strep sepsis.

Leigh said...

Next step.. audio.. have you seen how you can add audio to your slideshare? Its called Slidecast... also, you can embed your slideshare in your blog so that people can view it right in your blog rather than going out to Slideshare. Look to find the embed code to the right of your slides..

Carolyn McIntosh said...

I have responded to John, see second comment, by email. He is correct that GBS can, rarely, cause sepsis in utero resulting in stillbirth or miscarriage.This is a tragic situation when it occurs.

Nancy White said...

Ah, you should be chuffed! It is so much fun to read your blog, and then see people from outside your immediate network connecting. I am smiling BIG.

Just imagine... if any midwife realized that she/he can connect, learn, contribute with just a few clicks like you are. WOW!

Way to go!

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