Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holding instrument and knot tying

Nice demo of holding instruments and knot tying. We did not watch this one in class but it looks quite good and covers some aspects not covered int he other videos below.


Sarah Stewart said...

Great work on finding all these clips. I have decided what we should do is collaborate with schools of midwifery all over the world and all work together to put resources on youtube, after all, suturing is suturing is suturing. Then , we can publish it as a research project. cheers Sarah

Carolyn McIntosh said...

Great idea Sarah. Count me in. Making these videos is really so cheap and easy and once it is done, if we do a good job it is there for ever, anyone can use it for not cost at all. What a great resource.
Do you think we should post a notice on the midwifery research list, perhaps directing them to this blog and asking for anyone interested to contact us?

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