Monday, September 10, 2007

Getting organised on Google reader

I am using Google reader as an RSS feeder. This means that any online sites that are of interest to me are listed on the one page and I can immediately see if there are any new items which have been published. Although I rapidly decided this was a very good thing I have been having some problems with managing this resource. I needed to load all the blogs form the online learning course I am participating in onto Google reader but could not work out how to do this and keep this manageable on one page. I just discovered I can add folders to Google reader and so I can have all of these blogs in one folder. I don't know why it has taken me a whole week to work this one out, I am getting there but very slowly I think. I am about to try to work out wiki educator and will try to spend some time on this today. I have already created a wikispaces site for rural midwifery and I am wondering if I coudl adapt that into wiki educato.


Sarah Stewart said...

I did not know about folders, Carolyn, so thank you for that. Its taken me a while to sort things out as well but really worth while persevering. How are you getting on with wikis? Sarah

Carolyn McIntosh said...

Blimey you are quick Sarah. I was just adding another wee bit to this post and you had commented already. I am looking at wikis today.

Sarah Stewart said...

I was quick because you came up on google reader. here's a great blog-have a look.

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