Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Google docs

I just discovered another neat online tool to make document sharing easier. Nancy White had posted a commoncraft youtube introductory video to Google docs on her blog. this is very timely for me, as Sarah Stewart and I are collaborating on a workshop we are hoping to present at the Rural GP network conference next year. The abstract is on but we will need to collaborate also on the preparation of the workshops, which will probably involve some powerpoint slides. It seems that we can share these sorts of documents through google docs only to the people with whom we wish to share them. I can see this will be very useful for working on this project and could also have application in online delivery of material to students which they could respond to and alter, but only those invited would be able to see and alter the documents.


Sarah Stewart said...

The other thing I think it will be good for is making a document mobile. The number of times I have been at work and wished I could access a document I have on my home computer and visa versa. Thanks for that, Carolyn

Carolyn McIntosh said...

Very true, if we are disciplined and ut them there of course

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