Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pelvic floor muscles

Necessity is the mother of invention so they say. Well this week I have been proving that statement to be correct. I have been at home with flu but had to meet with my lovely Invercargill group of students on Wednesday. We were to cover pelvic floor muscles and I had no model of these available without travelling through to Polytech so I decided to make a model to fit with the wonderful wee pelvis model I had sourced earlier in the year for the students from the Hesperian foundation.

I used photographs of the models which we use with our regular sized pelvis models, which I had available to me and developed the model to be constructed out of paper or card or any other medium you might wish.
Here is the pattern
Pattern, Small Pelvic Floor Muscle Model

And the instructions
Instructions for Making the Model of Pelvic Floor Muscles

Please note that you will need to download these before you can print them off and use them properly.


Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Carolyn, I'll pass this onto my Griffith students

Carolyn said...

You are welcome Sarah.

Pam said...

OMG! I am totally craft impaired and so full of admiration

Carolyn said...

Thsnks Pam:)
I would love to know how people find putting this together. If they find it easy or not. Anne Frye did a wonderful model in her book but it takes so long to put together and is so complex. This one is a bit simpler and should not take long to get it sorted. Feel free to post a comment and tell me how it goes for you, good or otherwise.

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Hannah Hockens said...

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jolie said...

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