Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogging and reflecting on midwifery practice

I started blogging in September last year and since then I have been blogging about many aspects of midwifery practice. I choose to blog about issues to do with midwifery or midwifery education as they catch my interest. This is an opportunity for me to explore these issues and do some reflective thinking about them. I have also found my blog useful to reflect on study days and educational opportunities that have arisen for me. I have another blog which I have devoted to the learning I am doing in the Design for Flexible Learning Practice through Otago Polytechnic. I started that other blog as I wanted to keep this blog for my midwifery practice. I have found it useful to do this reflection on midwifery here. It is rather like keeping an open journal. Some of the posts came in useful to demonstrate my reflection when I recently participated in the Midwifery Standards Review as part of my recertification program.

I can only reflect on midwifery practice in broad terms and I have been contemplating creating a third blog, which I would keep closed from public view, in order to reflect on my clinical midwifery practice. I provide casual locum midwifery cover for one or two midwifery groups in the lower south island of New Zealand and I might blog about something that has spurred my interest during practice but I cannot blog about my work in detail due to confidentiality issues. I have just returned home from a weekend in practice and I want to record what I was doing during the weekend but need to keep this private. It suddenly occurred to me that I do not need another blog to do this. All I need to do is create a blog post but do not publish it. It will then remain on my list of posts for further reflection or for any future midwifery reviews but will not be available to anyone but me.

Problem solved I think.


Sarah Stewart said...

Thats a good idea. Would solve all the issues I have been struggling with with regards to my eProtfolio:

Carolyn said...

Yes I thought it was a pretty good idea when it hit me. We need to be careful not to hit the 'publish' button though. I suppose if you did that by accident you could always immediately delete the post and that would remove it from the public arena. On funny little thing that happened in the weekend, I lost the pager down the toilet, not just into the bowl but flushed clean away. Oh deary me!!!

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