Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NZCOM conference August 2012

I had a lovely time at the NZCOM conference 24th to the 26th August. I was lucky enough to be able to present at a concurrent session on the first day and had a good audience who seemed interested in the topic.
I was asked if I would make my presentation available and so I have loaded it to slideshare and I am sharing it here.
The topic is around communities of practice, and the learning that can happen when midwives are able to engage with a variety or different practice groups. I am also interested in learning that happens when individuals or groups have differing opinions. While it is lovely to agree with people this does not always lead to improved understanding and new learning. When someone has a different opinion this starts us to wonder and is often the stimulus to either reinforce and be strong in our own understanding or perhaps to move our thinking and develop a whole new way of looking at things. This is topic I find interesting. I think it has implications for how health professionals can work together and collaborate.

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