Friday, March 4, 2011

Working in Lumsden, a rural maternity unit

For the last 18 months, as well as teaching at Otago Polytechnic I have also been working as a midwife in a lovely wee rural maternity centre in Northern Southland. It is a lovely part of the world. Lumsden itself is a junction town but the surrounding countryside is lovely. The community here are mainly involved in farming and rural service industries. As dairying has expanded in this area the ethnicity of the childbearing population has changed too with quite a number of asian dairy farm workers. A number of women from the Kingston and Queenstown areas also birth here and these are often professional women or women involved in the tourist industry.
I have really enjoyed working here and would recommend it as a place where midwives can practice midwifery care autonomously in a supportive small team of experienced rural midwives. It takes time to find new staff in an area such as this and I am hoping that a midwife may see this and think this would be a good place to work. If you want to know more they have a website which tells you a bit about the facility. They also have a page on facebook where you could communicate with them. If you have any questions about working here I would be happy to try to answer them.


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