Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video about moodle

Usually I would not post this here as this is my midwifery blog. The blog I use for matters to do with e-learning, education etc is my Fled blog. However it is ion Wordpress and not all embed codes work in Wordpress so I am posting this here. It is a hard decision to make but i do think i will need to leave Wordpress and return to blogger for my Fled blog as it is frustrating not being able to do some of the things I need to do.


Sarah Stewart said...

Interesting you say this because there's a few people who keep trying to persuade me to change to wordpress but I love my blogger blog.

Merrolee said...

Hi Carolyn
What can't you do in wordpress - I find it far more flexible than but maybe that's because I've really only used wordpress - let me know anyway! Oh.. and I've just linking your blog and Sarah's into a wikispace created for Dalhousie staff to see the range of things we are doing at OP!

Veronique said...

Hi Carolyn, I'm putting some resources together to support OP staff in getting started with Moodle, so I'll put this video on Moodle Resources (under Staff Resources). If you've come across other useful resources let me know.
Veronique (EDC)

Carolyn said...

Well Merrolee, for one thing I could not embed this video in Wordpress. Wordpress uses a different embedding code to other websites and not every thing provides a Wordpress embed code. Some quizzes and activities I have developed also provide embed codes for blogger, but not Wordpress.

Carolyn said...

Von Briesen who made this video has also made other videos on moodle which may be useful Veronique.

Anonymous said...

hi carolyn
this wee video is good - but turns out my attention pan is only about 9 mins long - so i need to come back another time and finish listening....
Like the coffee shop - just find the social thing keeps it human which i think is important.
Like the strat, stop, continue.
dislike the giving marks for pointing out things are are broken /not working - I'm just stingy like that - I think award of marks should belong exclusively to the discipline - not just for being a "citizen" of the class.


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