Saturday, March 21, 2009

A couple of midwifery resources

There are a couple of really exciting initiatives that have arisen, in part, out of our new programme development and both have come about through grants that were awarded for their development.

Midwifery Junction
This is a really exciting resource for midwives in New Zealand who have links to our schools of midwifery. They may be interested in postgraduate study or they may be working with students. It pulls together educational resources, links to online sites of interest and also provides a forum for discussion for midwives and for students. It also provides information to women who are interested in midwifery education, either because they are keen to have a student involved in their birth experience or because they are interested in being a midwife.

Second life birthing centre

This is an initiative that was started by Sarah Stewart and has been a work in progress in collaboration with the SLENZ group and midwifery lecturers, principally in Otago but also in other schools around New Zealand. A virtual birthing unit is being developed which will ultimately be a fantastic learning resource for students, women and also for midwives.


Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for link to midwifery junction - I'll be interested in hearing how it goes.

Sarah Stewart said...

Got the hang of that bloody game at long last-now I'm hooked like everyone else!

Carolyn said...

:) Ha ha! Another wee time waster for you! Sorry we did not catch up while you were here. I have been busy golfing.

sasha said...

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