Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lactation conference online: Gold 09

As part of my role as a midwife working in a rural maternity unit I have been enrolled in a lactation course. I have only just enrolled and have not traveled very far with the course yet, however there are a couple of things I want to comment on at the moment.

The course has been developed by a group called Health E learning and has been developed on the Moodle platform. This interests me as we are developing our new midwifery programme through Moodle. The course looks professional and engaging and may have some ideas which I can incorporate into the work I am doing.

Health E learning seem to be a commercial group who are engaged with producing learning resources for lactation consultants. These courses are available for a fee. I realise that there is a cost in developing these resources, however it does seem a shame that only those who can afford to pay will have access to them. In my case my employer is paying.

The Health e learning group are running an online conference (Gold 09)which can be attended, once again for a fee. As they say, the cost will be significantly cheaper than actually flying overseas and attending a conference. I am very interested to see how this goes and to find out how the networking opportunities compare with face to face opportunities at a conference.

It is exciting to see that rural health groups are taking advantage of the learning opportunities afforded by the internet. This is the third year that the Gold conference has been run but it is the first time I have heard of it. I think this is a great initiative and hope that all midwives have an opportunity to attend, supported by there employers, not only with the fees but also with time off for the conference.

I will let you know how i go with the course as I work through it.

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Sarah Stewart said...

Yet another course?!

Sarah Stewart said...

bloody 'ell, got the hang of that stupid game at long last!

Carolyn said...

now there is another thing to waste time on :)

Steve Fisher said...

Hi Carolyn
Thanks for your comments re health e-learning and GOLD09. As you say, we are commercial and must charge for our courses, but we do contribute significantly to the MILCC scholarship fund and offer pro-bono enrolments to individuals and GOLD registrations on a case x case basis. Please let me know if you come across any such instances.

Steve Fisher said...

Another separate comment is about your interest in using Moodle for delivering courses. I have a long history in e-learning from multimedia days, through Blackboard, WebCT and now to Moodle and we have developed an interesting (and efficient) means of producing content. please feel free to contact me if you need any support. I will be starting up an "e-learning bootcamp" next year (Jan) to help trainers implement e-learning. A 4 week program online.. watch out for
All the best with your initiatives.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog Steve. I am interested in your elearning bootcamp but I am sure I will not have time in January as our new programme begins early February and I will be very busy at that time. I will try to remember to stop by and check out what you are doing if I am able.
Re Gold 09 I think it is a great initiative. I certainly hope to be able to attend.

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