Thursday, August 14, 2008

now I am going to really embarass myself

This is my very first ever attempt at poetry.

Deep deep in the deep dark night
I feel you stir within me
Not long now
Soon you will leave this warm dark place
And travel through the deep dark night
To arrive
Much loved
In my arms

Deep deep in the deep dark night
It starts, I feel a thrill, a rush
No more guessing and wondering
I know the time has come
Our journey has begun
Keep heart
Keep love
Soon you will arrive

Deep deep in the deep dark night
My thoughts travel
Wondering about this miracle to come
Wondering about this essence of my spirit
Which moves me
And surges on
To new life

Deep deep in the deep dark night
We work together we two
You move and I feel whole
I do not want to let you go
Yet I long to hold you
Come love
Our rhythm moves
We ride the waves

Deep deep in the deep dark night
I lose myself to this experience
This overwhelming flood
This primal sensation
The waves carry me
I am lost
No more
Please come now

Deep deep in the deep dark night
I feel that overwhelming urge
The primal noise erupts from within
Time stands still
As you make your final surge
Towards the light
Towards my love
Into my arms
At last.


Sarah Stewart said...

That's lovely, Carolyn. Congratulations. What brought this on?

Now you need to put audio to it - reading it in your lovely Scottish accent - sort of like, the female Robbie Burns! :)

Anonymous said...


Such a great poem!

Thanks for sharing it!

I second the audio idea :)

Anonymous said...

oh yea....and alcohol like all good poets!

Carolyn said...

thanks for the kind words you two. Come to think of it it was probably the whisky that brought it on :)
I was expecting comments such as don't give up the day job just yet so lovely to see you say you like it.

infomidwife said...

I like the way you carried the first line throughout the poem, this gave the sense of deep love growing throughout the pregnancy to the climax of birth, beautifully done. I look forward to the next poem.

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