Wednesday, July 30, 2008


infomidwife said...

Hi carolyn,
just an unrelated question to this post. When I met you in Glasgow,you said you used a program to take a picture of the web page so you could put it in your powerpoint presentation. I have forgoten how to do that or what the program is called, can you help please?
Ciao Pauline

Carolyn said...

Hi Pauline.
there are one or two things you can use.
Screencast is a good way and I used it to start with. I am thinking I might go back to using it. Not sure how much storage you get for free

Jing is another free program. It works well and I have used it quite a lot.

Both screencast and Jing do take a wee bit of time and practice to get them going I think.

The simplest program I have found is kwout
It is very easy but it only takes small peices of your screen.

There are other programs where you can actually make videos of your screen and post them to youtube or blip TV, but that is a whole other story, of headaches and frustration and such like, before finally getting success.

infomidwife said...

thanks Carolyn, I will try them next week and let you know how I go. My presentation isn't until October so lots of time to play.

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