Saturday, June 28, 2008

Carolyn's ICM presentation

A very quick post from me. Doug and I are having a great time being together with my family in the UK. We have had a family Christening in Ireland and a family wedding celebration in Buckinghamshire. We had a lovely cruise up the Thames for this party. Have had very little time to blog about anything to this point. Leaving for a few days in Thailand soon before heading back to NZ. We also had a day in Paris after a big walk around old haunts in London - poor old feet - ouch!
I have just put my ICM presentation on slide-share and I am posting here. I will try to add the audio track I recorded during the presentation later, when I get my head around this technology.


Sarah Stewart said...

Missing you very much. Cant wait for you to get back and to hear about your trip. take care, Sarah

Ewar Woowar said...
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Theresa said...

Hi there,

Ended up on your blog after wandering round the net from Facebook!

I am about to embark on a 4 year Midwifery degree in Ireland after 6 children of my own including 2 home births, 1 in the UK and 1 in Ireland. Also 4 hospital deliveries in the UK!

I do believe we are settled fo a while here but we will probably move on when the childrn are grown. Its great to see the NZ actually NEEDS midiwves and it certainly something I will be looking into in the future.

I do hope you enjoy your trip to the UK and that the weather here in Ireland isnt too wet!!

Best wishes.


Carolyn said...

Thanks for stopping by Theresa. I hope your studies go well and you enjoy your midwifery career as much as I have. I am back in New Zealand now. Getting over jet lag and an infection acquired in Thailand. It is good to be home but always sad to leave my extended family. The weather was great wherever we went but we did get a few heavy showers in Ireland.

Carolyn said...

Looking forward to having a good chat sometime Sarah! :)

Samira Lake said...

You really had a lot of thing to do when you were at different places. Anyway, I think it was good that you posted your thesis presentation online. It would be a big help with thesis writing who are on the same field as midwifery as you. Anyway, it looks good! What happened to your presentation, by the way?

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