Thursday, November 1, 2007

Midirs webinar

I just checked out the midirs webinars. Midirs is a UK published midwifery digest. I have not manage to get the webinar software working properly yet however i was able to open a presentation in real player which was pretty good. I am surprised I have not been to this before as it is totally free and some interesting topics have been discussed including tongue tie, writing for publication, normal newborn behaviour etc.

It is really exciting to see this type of resource available for midwives I found the tongue tie presentation very interesting. I have not found it particularly easy to get the software loaded on my computer to view these properly and, until I do I will not be able to participate in a live webinar, however it was very easy to view the slides and auditory recording in real player.

My confidence in trying out these things has grown enormously with all the learning I have been doing recently. I would highly recommend these to any midwives who are reading this blog. I do think that the elluminate software is a bit easier to work with and also has more options for presenting accompanying material, but this may just be my beginning familiarity with elluminate.


Sarah Stewart said...

I have looked at them in the past but keep forgetting they are there. I wonder how often they are accessed?

Sitting in Silence said...

There are so many articles to view over the web now, it's just like one huge book.

I volunteer for the MothersMilkBank in AU, If you have the time take a look. We are still in the pilot stages and awaiting funding.
Thought you may find it interesting.

caroline said...

just another option that i've been using. yugma does the same type of thing as elluminate, but when i was talking to their people about my account the other day, they said that you can see presentations through the web, now. maybe something to look into instead of getting software working on your computer. it's at

hope that was helpful

Carolyn McIntosh said...

Thanks for the tip Caroline I am checking this out.

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